Inventory Management

With the increasing number of 3D Modeling applications on the market, the amount of data contained in the model is becoming more data-centric and less design-centric. Drawings quickly becoming a report of the model. This is a fundamental shift in the design process. Non-graphical data can be linked to your company's corporate database or ERP system. This allows parts and components to be tracked throughout the design process, and stock and delivery issues can be resolved prior to fabrication.

Drawing Management

There are many ways to track drawings; however, many of them require your drawings standards to conform to a specific format. We can provide a custom solution that, though it costs a little more, conforms to your current design standards. Our systems can include, but is not limited to Project Data Management, Drawing and Revision Management, and Transmittal Generation. We can use your existing database infrastructure, or build an entirely new one from scratch.