Our Consulting services range from simply analyzing your current drafting processes, to analyzing and researching software you may be interested in purchasing. We provide unbiased opinions and recommend solutions based on your requirements.

Design Process Analysis

CaManSol can analyze your design process and recommend improvements to streamline the process and minimize rework. These recommendations may be as simple as more open communication between Engineering and Fabrication or better use of your current design tools, or as innovative as a custom set of tools integrated with your current technology.

Software Analysis and Feasibility Studies

When you are looking at a technology shift, or tighter integration between graphical and non-graphical data, we will work with your IT and CADD Support teams to find the best fit for your company. We are not software resellers, and will provide the best solution within your budget, and technological needs. Our belief is that the technology should fit your current business practices, not vice versa. When the time comes to upgrade your technology, we can help.